SafetyNet Solutions

A key reason why public safety agencies around the globe use Pulsiam's SafetyNet Suite is because customers play an integral role in the product design process. Users have the ability to customize and enhance SafetyNet applications—including the user interface, the business rules, and the back-end database—and Pulsiam also incorporates their ideas into its base products.

Each of the following solutions has been designed to specifically meet customer needs and can be customized to meet your agency's needs. SafetyNet Suite products are platform-independent and fully integrated, which lets you link all of your agency's operations together into one seamless solution.

Computer-Aided Dispatch

SafetyNet CAD is a real-time, multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional computer-aided dispatch system for law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies. With automatic unit recommendation and mapping integration, SafetyNet CAD lets dispatchers quickly and easily dispatch first responders to the incidents closest to them. With alarm and towing modules (as well as many others), SafetyNet CAD can also ease the administrative side of the dispatch process—and, with SafetyNet CAD2CAD, you can interface your agency's SafetyNet CAD system with a neighboring agency's CAD system for seamless information sharing.

Built to scale to the size of your agency—whether you need two users or two thousand users—SafetyNet CAD is everything you need in a CAD system.

Mobile CAD Solutions

SafetyNet Mobile is our CAD solution for mobile laptops, providing first responders with direct, real-time access to CAD incident information and records, providing silent transmission of mission-critical information such as automatic vehicle location (AVL), and support for aerial drones. SafetyNet Mobile can be implemented over private radio and cellular networks, making it an ideal solution for your agency.

SafetyNet Mobile Insight is our iOS® and Android™ computer-aided dispatch application that connects public safety personnel to vital information through mobile devices, including the Apple® iPhone® and iPad®. SafetyNet Mobile Insight provides public safety personnel with powerful information wherever they are while cost-effectively integrating with both SafetyNet Mobile and SafetyNet CAD.

Autonomous Drone Dispatch

A first in the public safety industry, SafetyNet Autonomous Drone Dispatch is a cutting-edge public safety and security industry computer-aided dispatch service that enables agencies to operate a fully autonomous security and inspection drone fleet. SafetyNet Autonomous Drone Dispatch utilizes our SafetyNet CAD platform to provide highly intelligent and secure flight plans to dispatch autonomous drone flight systems.

SafetyNet Autonomous Drone Dispatch provides unparalleled situational awareness, day or night, as autonomous drones can respond to sensor alarms generated by video management systems (VMS), fly inspection routes, and surveil and patrol facilities. Industries such as railroad, oil, and gas can leverage inspection and security operations across their facilities or vast geography, enhancing their security and inspection programs, saving money, and improving safety.

Records Management

Law Enforcement Records Management

SafetyNet RMS is a records management system that gives law enforcement agencies seamless reporting and analysis capabilities to assist with crime prevention, investigation, and incident analysis.

SafetyNet RMS is fully integrated with the SafetyNet application suite, and is designed to reduce time spent performing data entry.

Fire Records Management

SafetyNet FMS is a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional, integrated records management system for fire departments and EMS agencies. The product is compliant with fire/EMS standards (such as HIPAA, NEMSIS, NFIRS, and NHTSA) and is used for pre-plans, deployment planning, hazardous material tracking, fire inspections, and investigations.

Jail/Corrections Records Management

SafetyNet JMS is a multi-agency integrated records management system for lock-up and jail administration. The product provides booking and inmate management capabilities, tracking, scheduling, and commissary oversight.

Field Reporting

SafetyNet eReporting is designed to reduce the significant amount of paperwork found in law enforcement by automating the handwritten field reporting process. The product allows media attachments, agency-defined reports, and easy-to-use commands and features.

Property Control/Management

SafetyNet PCS is an easy inventory management tool and property control system. SafetyNet PCS integrates with other SafetyNet modules and assists in complying with government regulations, contracts and grants, equipment maintenance schedules, and requisition/replenishment requirements.

Regional Data Sharing

SafetyNet Informer is Pulsiam's Online Analytic Processing (OLAP) solution. SafetyNet Informer can take information from any database and create visually pleasing reports and dashboards so that you can spot trends. With direct integration into the SafetyNet Suite of products, SafetyNet Informer gives you easy access to SafetyNet application data - you can quickly view and analyze SafetyNet CAD, FMS, JMS, PCS, and RMS data.

SafetyNet Informer is extremely user-friendly. With an intuitive, web-based UI, it utilizes drag-and-drop capabilities and offers JavaScript integration, making SafetyNet Informer one of the easiest, most robust reporting tools on the market.