SafetyNet Records Management System (RMS)

SafetyNet Records Management System

SafetyNet RMS is a law enforcement records management system that helps minimize data entry and simplifies how you manage records.

Integrate seamlessly with SafetyNet Suite Get easy, real-time access to records and data from participating regional agencies with the SafetyNet Automated Records Exchange (SNARE) Ensure records & reports meet local, state, & federal standards

Comprehensive Records Management

SafetyNet RMS is a feature-rich, comprehensive records management system that can simplify how you manage everything from office supply and evidence inventories to personnel training records.

Review personnel records Maintain property and evidence inventories Track training & certifications Manage cases & investigations

Easy Data Management

SafetyNet RMS's Master Person Index (MPI) and Master Vehicle Index (MVI) ensure data integrity and can be easily maintained and managed if incorrect or duplicate information makes its way into the system.

Edit and update MPI and MVI records Merge duplicate persons or vehicles Unmerge records when mistakes are made

Maintaining accurate records is easy with SafetyNet RMS.

Perform Crime Analysis

Formulate a complete picture of the individuals, cases, vehicles, locations, and dates related to an incident. Get access to CAD information, including:

Incident information Hazard information Location information

Query Criminal Records

Query the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database and state and local databases for criminal records relating to:

Persons Boats & motor vehicles Guns and articles

Key Features

  • Browser-based user interface
  • Ensures consistency and integrity of records
  • Satisfies state and federal reporting requirements
  • Records modeled after federal standards
  • Powerful and flexible system security for fields, individual records, groups, and data files
  • Real-time access to vital, consistent information by record officers, field officers, dispatchers, and administration
  • Multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional support
  • Flexible search capabilities with indexed search parameters


  • Accidents
  • Case Management
  • Citations
  • Field Interviews
  • Incidents
  • Pawn Tickets
  • Personnel
  • Property/evidence
  • Registrants
  • Scheduling
  • Training
  • Warrants

Technical Specifications