Computer-Aided Dispatch for Tablets and Smartphones

SafetyNet Mobile Insight is a computer-aided dispatch application for tablets and smartphones, letting you extend SafetyNet CAD beyond the comm center or vehicle and into the hands of first responders in the field. For responders on scene at an incident, it's almost as good as having SafetyNet CAD in their pockets.

Automatic person location - always know where your responder is Real-time information reduces requests for updates

SafetyNet Mobile Insight provides a lifeline to SafetyNet CAD for mounted, bicycle, motorcycle, foot patrol, tactical, and special event units.

Experience True Situational Awareness

SafetyNet Mobile Insight gives first responders true situational awareness:

View locations of other units on the map, as well as hazard information, BOLO information, and incident locations, in real time Use augmented reality to view nearby hazards, units, and incidents through your camera lens

Lookup and Collect Important Information

With SafetyNet Mobile Insight, you can use your phone's camera to:

Run drivers' licenses and VIN numbers Take pictures and attach them to incidents

Quick Information Navigation

With SafetyNet Mobile Insight, first responders can quickly and easily view, sort, and search SafetyNet CAD data, and find information on-the-spot, including:

Incident information Unit information Location & historical incident information Federal, state, & local query information

SafetyNet CAD gives officers and responders in the field all the tools they need to find the right information quickly and easily.


Key Features

  • Displays real-time SafetyNet CAD data on the map
  • Provides first responders with incident, unit, and location informaiton
  • Equips officers with augmented reality
  • Enables instant messaging between officers, units, and dispatchers
  • Notifies first responders of important incident updates
  • Lets first reponders self-dispatch to nearby incidents
  • Lets first responders set their own statuses, including traffic stops, taking a break, or checking in at a location
  • Performs local, state, and federal queries

SafetyNet Integration

Available For: