The SafetyNet Jail Records Management System

SafetyNet JMS is a comprehensive, feature-rich jail records management system with an easy-to-use browser-based user interface.

Process inmates Track housing Track special circumstances

SafetyNet JMS gives you the tools you need to completely customize your booking process. Tailor the data you collect for your site-specific needs while ensuring you meet state, county, and federal reporting requirements.

You can even manage inmate housing, court records, banking, and commissary—all from your favorite web browser.

Capture Fingerprints & Mugshots

Simplify your booking process. SafetyNet JMS lets you take pictures, utilizing camera controls such as pan, tilt, and zoom, so that any authorized workstation can capture and save mugshots.

Capture fingerprints Capture mugshots Send and receive booking data

Direct integration with SafetyNet RMS and automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) means that you can customize your booking process to begin in SafetyNet JMS, RMS, or in an automated fingerprint identification system.

Comprehensive Facility Management

SafetyNet JMS supports single or multiple agencies and can be used to manage nearly every aspect of your facility.

Create & print wristbands for identifying and tracking inmates within your facility. Track known enemies, co-conspirators, and sex offenders. Manage inmate housing and property.

SafetyNet JMS gives you all the tools you need to manage your inmate population:

  • Administer inmate housing
  • Track inmate location
  • Set hazard flags to indicate special circumstances or keep inmates apart
  • Track property received and property issued
  • Monitor visitors using a visitation log

Victim Notification

The SafetyNet JMS Vine Interface integrates with the Appriss® Victim Information Notification Everyday (VINE®) network.

Notify victims automatically when a perpetrator is released from incarceration, reducing demand on correctional officers.

Seamless Integration

SafetyNet JMS is seamlessly integrated with the SafetyNet product suite, ensuring that records are always up to date and consistent across products.

Create corresponding SafetyNet RMS arrest records & create or update SafetyNet RMS person associations Create custom dashboards and automated reports in SafetyNet Informer

As part of creating the arrest record, SafetyNet JMS can create new or update existing person associations in the SafetyNet RMS Master Name Index (MNI) at the time of booking.

Automatically import booking information from SafetyNet RMS, SafetyNet eReporting, an automated fingerprint identification system, or from a previous booking if the person has been booked before.

Easy Web Access

On top of its easy-to-use browser-based interface, SafetyNet JMS can be accessed through the SafetyNet JMS Web Portal, which is designed specifically for casual users.

With SafetyNet JMS Web Portal, you can:

Search records, such as inmate bookings, charges, court and housing records, and inmate population reports Review metrics, like average time to book, for a bird's eye view of your facility Utilize SafetyNet Informer reports and dashboards on a custom home page or incorporate them into an existing home page

Key Features

  • Customize the booking process to meet your needs, as well as state, local, and federal requirements
  • Reduce data entry by importing information if an inmate has been booked before
  • Use SafetyNet JMS with multiple agencies
  • Indicate special circumstances with hazard flags
  • Use an intuitive and friendly browser-based graphical user interface
  • Create custom ad hoc reports
  • Utilize powerful and flexible system security

Key Functions

  • Intake/booking system
  • Mugshot image capture
  • Release processing
  • Medical processing
  • Special flags
  • Classification
  • Court tracking
  • Inmate property received
  • Inmate property issued
  • Inmate banking
  • Disciplinary/grievance logging
  • Visitation logging
  • Visitor tracking
  • Boarded inmate billing
  • Commissary processing

SafetyNet Integration

Direct Integration With:

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