SafetyNet Informer

Reporting and Business Intelligence for Public Safety

SafetyNet Informer is SafetyNet Suite's powerful, ad hoc reporting and business intelligence tool. Browser-based and user-friendly, SafetyNet Informer gives you the ability to view data quickly and easily, so you can make data-driven decisions.

Access Information Easily

Direct access to the SafetyNet database allows users to create comprehensive reports using extensive information from:

And you can access all of this easily from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Build Reports and Dashboards

SafetyNet Informer's user-friendly, browser-based interface lets you build and run reports whenever you need them.

Access information in any available database so that you can draw relationships between data and connect the dots Create custom dashboards to view important information at a glance, which is ideal for managing resources and identifying bottlenecks
Access to records and data from participating regional agencies with the SafetyNet Automated Records Exchange (SNARE)

Reports and dashboards are fully customizable – you can drag-and-drop table columns to reorganize a report, and you can easily add and remove information with a simple click of the mouse.

Manage Information Access

Control the dissemination of your SafetyNet application data by choosing who can see it and how to disseminate it.

Restrict or enable access to features by username or group Email reports and attachments Export to CSV, Excel®, HTML, PDF, and other formats

Key Features

  • Schedule reports to run on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis
  • Drag-and-drop table columns to reorganize information in a report
  • Preview the report using sample data at any point in the report creation process
  • Easily combine data from multiple data sources into a single report
  • Export to CSV, Excel®, HTML, PDF, and numerous other formats
  • Email reports
  • Use JavaScript to create logical expressions
  • Restrict or enable access to features by username or group
  • Use SafetyNet Informer in your browser, without any additional plugins, add-ons, or other third-party components

SafetyNet Integration

Technical Specifications