The SafetyNet Fire Records Management System

SafetyNet FMS is a comprehensive fire records management system equipped with an easy-to-use browser-based user interface that lets fire departments and EMS agencies streamline fire and EMS administration.

Manage Personnel

SafetyNet FMS gives you the tools you need to manage your fire and EMS personnel.

Schedule overtime & administer day books Schedule & manage training

With SafetyNet FMS, it’s easy to schedule overtime, manage training schedules, and generate ad hoc personnel reports. Like all SafetyNet products, SafetyNet FMS incorporates robust security to restrict the ability to view, edit, and delete information to only those users with the proper permissions.

Manage Inspections and Incident Pre-Planning

SafetyNet FMS is equipped with an array of management tools so that you can:

Plan inspection routes Schedule follow-up visits

SafetyNet FMS lets you catalog important information about locations, including hazardous materials, building diagrams, occupancy information, fire ratings, building materials, gas shutoff valves, and much more.

Manage Assets and Inventory

SafetyNet FMS makes it easy to manage all of your assets, including:

Fire equipment & hydrants EMS equipment & drug inventories

With SafetyNet FMS, you can use customized tools to keep track of hydrants, apparatus, equipment, and even drug inventories.

Customize Reports

SafetyNet FMS lets you customize your reports to meet your reporting needs, as well as federal, state, and local requirements. SafetyNet FMS is:

NFPA compatible NFIRS 5.0 certified

Key Features

Key Functions

  • Incident reporting
    • NFIRS incident reporting
    • Medical reporting
  • Personnel management
    • Overtime scheduling
    • Daybook administration
    • Training management
  • Inspection management
    • Route planning
    • Follow-up visit scheduling
  • Incident pre-planning
    • Visit scheduling
    • Data collection
  • Asset/inventory management
    • Hydrant management
    • Apparatus management
    • Equipment management
    • Drug inventory management

Technical Specifications