SafetyNet eReporting

Mobile Field Reporting

SafetyNet eReporting is a mobile field reporting software application for public safety that reduces paperwork and data entry for officers in the field.

Direct integration with SafetyNet Suite to validate information Reports automatically populate with relevant information

When you enter information into SafetyNet eReporting, the system validates that information against SafetyNet RMS and imports any additional relevant information into the report, reducing data entry significantly. The direct connection with existing RMS data helps ensure that the data is UCR/IBR compliant.

Write Reports Online and Offline

SafetyNet eReporting mobile field reporting stores information locally so the system can populates reports with relevant RMS data, even without an Internet connection.

Complete reports during down time on patrol... ...or from the comfort of your workstation

SafetyNet eReporting comes loaded with an arsenal of reports, including:

  • Accident reports
  • Arrest reports
  • Field contacts
  • Field interviews
  • Incident reports
  • Supplemental reports

Query NCIC & Other Databases

SafetyNet eReporting is your link to valuable information and records stored in local, state, and federal databases. Query:

Persons Boats and motor vehicles Guns and articles

Streamline Report Review and Approval

SafetyNet eReporting has a fully-configurable review and approval system that you can customize to streamline your report review and approval process.

Fully-configurable to your agency's review and approval process Authorized personnel can review and approve reports at any stage

Easy Web Access

On top of its easy-to-use browser-based interface, SafetyNet eReporting can be accessed through the SafetyNet RMS Web Portal, which is designed specifically for casual users.

With the SafetyNet RMS Web Portal, you can get a bird's eye view of your entire report & records system.

View reports & records by date, officer, approval status, and more View related attachments, including images, documents, & PDFs

Key Features

  • Automatically updates SafetyNet RMS records
  • Ability to read and write reports offline
  • Validates information against SafetyNet RMS, even in offline mode
  • Provides fully-configurable review and approval system
  • Lets authorized personnel view reports in any stage of the approval process
  • Places focus on quality control, not data entry
  • Reduces backlog for state reporting
  • Satisfies state and local reporting requirements

Technical Specifications

  • Secure network access to the SafetyNet application server via common carrier (cellular) or private radio system