SafetyNet CAD NG

SafetyNet Computer-Aided Dispatch

SafetyNet CAD is a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional computer-aided dispatch software application for law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies. SafetyNet CAD serves as the information center of SafetyNet Suite and is seamlessly integrated with the entire suite of SafetyNet applications, as well as other CAD systems, for real-time data sharing.

Save seconds Save minutes Save lives

Comprehensive Command & Control

SafetyNet CAD is a comprehensive computer-aided dispatch, or command and control, system, with everything your agency needs to manage emergency responses.

Manage & dispatch units of all types, across agencies and jurisdictions View units, incidents, hazards, BOLOs, and location information on the map in real time View surveillance footage and images and attach them to the incident

Consolidate & Collaborate

Your agency can integrate seamlessly with CAD systems everywhere to coordinate calls and orchestrate responses, even across multiple agencies and jurisdictions.

A single call center can serve multiple agencies, each with their own response types, response plans, and business rules With SafetyNet CAD2CAD, you can dispatch a neighboring agency's resources and view its premise history and location information, whether the agency uses SafetyNet CAD or not
Get easy, real time access to records and data from participating regional agencies with the SafetyNet Automated Records Exchange (SNARE)

Share data with SafetyNet Suite and even other CAD systems seamlessly! SafetyNet CAD functions as the information center of SafetyNet Suite, enabling you to access records from SafetyNet Mobile, Mobile Insight, FMS, JMS, PCS, and RMS.

Dispatch Autonomous Drones

SafetyNet CAD Autonomous Drone Dispatch empowers your agency by incorporating cutting-edge drone technology into your public safety or security solution. With SafetyNet CAD Autonomous Drone Dispatch, drones housed in all-weather charging boxes, positioned in key locations, can be dispatched to surveil perimeters, pipelines or railroads that encompass long distances or hazardous terrain. Dispatched drones provide agency personnel with enough information to determine if a specialized unit must be dispatched to the scene, as well as unsurpassed situational awareness.

Integrate directly with video management system (VMS) software for real-time alarm sensing Autonomously surveil long distances, including inhospitable terrain Automatically recognize and report security risks and suspicious activity

SafetyNet CAD with Autonomous Drone Dispatch empowers your security operations in ways that couldn’t have been imagined even a few years ago. SafetyNet Autonomous Drone Dispatch is the critical solution you need for quickly investigating incidents and making command decisions live, in real time. Whether it’s responding to sensor alarms, crimes in progress, or even railroad or power line inspection; whether it’s emergency or routine; whether it’s nearby or hundreds or even thousands of miles of rough terrain away, SafetyNet CAD’s autonomous drone dispatch solution is your state-of-the-art solution.

Easy Web Access

SafetyNet CAD Web Portal allows casual users to get quick and easy access much of SafetyNet CAD's information and functionality, including:

Viewing important incident, location, hazard, and BOLO information Mapping incidents and units with Esri ArcGIS Messaging units and dispatchers, and even adding remarks to incidents

Customer Satisfaction

Agencies that choose SafetyNet CAD for computer-aided dispatch stick with SafetyNet CAD.

One customer can boast of 7 years with no downtime SafetyNet CAD has kept pace with technology and the public safety industry to meet customer needs Our longest-served customers have been using SafetyNet CAD for 28+ years

Key Features

  • Multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional
  • Multi-user access to the same call
  • Simultaneous updates to the same call
  • High quality and consistency of data
  • Powerful and flexible system security and access control
  • Real-time access to vital information
  • Microsoft® Windows® and browser-based user interfaces available
  • False alarm tracking and billing
  • Automatically recommends the best available units for the incident
  • Displays units, incidents, hazard information, BOLO information, and location information on the map
  • Uses customizable icons to represent units, incidents, etc. on the map
  • Offers location-based or drive-time-based dispatch options, including turn-by-turn directions
  • Tightly integrated with Esri ‘s GIS solutions, including: ArcGIS Server, Network Analyst for Enterprise, Operations Dashboard, and Story Maps
  • Allows base maps to be hosted by third-party or in-house software to address completely offline and high-reliability solution requirements
  • Seamless integration with other SafetyNet Suite applications

Key Modules

  • Alarms
  • Decision tree
  • Notifications
  • Procedures
  • Rosters
  • Towing


SafetyNet CAD Interfaces to:

Perfect for Your Agency

Built for both the largest and the smallest agencies, SafetyNet CAD is scalable to fit your agency's needs – whether you have a single dispatcher or 10,000.

SafetyNet CAD serves the largest city in North America...

...and the 2nd largest metropolitan area in the Western world!

Access SafetyNet CAD Anywhere

Whether it's on an Apple® iPad®, an Android™ phone, a laptop, or a dedicated workstation, SafetyNet CAD is there: