Henry P. Unger
President and Owner

Mr. Unger has been designing and developing computer applications for more than 35 years, and is a recognized expert in real-time system interfaces and communication protocols for public safety applications. He developed the very first operational Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system interface to Motorola's SmartZone radio system; designed and developed the original SafetyNet CAD; and serves on several technical committees for the Association of Public Safety Communications Officers (APCO) and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). Mr. Unger continues to lead Pulsiam's technical direction.

Steve O'Neal
Director of Development and Technical Support

Mr. O’Neal has spent his career in IT as a trusted advisor to thousands of organizations worldwide, rising from programmer/analyst, to principal solutions architect, to skilled project manager, before becoming the director of multi-value professional services at IBM and Rocket Software. Mr. O’Neal has managed numerous extremely large projects, on the scale of 50 to 75 worldwide locations with over 2,000 concurrent users, where each organization generated over $2 billion in annual sales. At Pulsiam, Mr. O’Neal uses his wide range of experience to direct and coordinate product development and support, addressing our customers’ dynamic and ever-changing requirements.

Holly Blanks
Director of International Business Development and Marketing

Ms. Blanks, with over twelve years in the public safety market, leads Pulsiam’s efforts in developing and executing strategic marketing plans, identifying new business and market trends, and playing an integral role in the product development process.

Carlos Lopez
Director of International Sales

Mr. Lopez has been an integral part of Pulsiam’s leadership team since 1999. His extensive knowledge and experience from implementing Mexico’s public 9-1-1 system since its inception makes him an industry leader. Mr. Lopez directs Pulsiam's international sales efforts and manages the technical support staff, ensuring that Pulsiam’s customers receive the outstanding support for which Pulsiam is renowned.

Tony Abo
Director of Technology

Mr. Abo has lead Pulsiam’s technical direction for the last 19 years. He leads the design and implementation of our product technology platforms.